From milk to cheese through antique gestures handed down over time

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Caseificio Taddei is located in Fornovo San Giovanni, a small town in the plains south of Bergamo.

It was 1885 when the great-grandfather Giandomenico decided to start a business that would eventually become a family tradition. Today, Massimo Taddei represents the fourth generation of this family-run dairy that, over the years, has specialised in the production and ageing of cheeses tied to the local tradition, continuing to promote artisan-like processes that have always represented the company’s added value. In 1986, Massimo embarked on his adventure. After completing his studies and working for some time at another company, he decided to buy the dairy and continue the production of Taleggio cheese which, at that time, was sold fresh to the agers.


The first major change occurred in 1994, when the new dairy was built, in perfect compliance with both health and hygiene regulations passed by the European Community and with the needs of a constantly-growing organisation. In this new facility, absolutely innovative in terms of materials and equipment, it was nevertheless decided, as per tradition, to continue to carry out the cheese-making process by hand.

In a larger and certainly more well-organised space, the production of other cheeses was also started, always tied to Bergamo’s territory.Observance of the rules was crucial, and the company self-regulation plan was constantly implemented. Nothing was allowed, modern and ancient came together in perfect balance.The year 1998 marked the second major change: it was decided to age the company’s products, in order to reach the final market with the Taddei brand and thus manage the entire production cycle.

This constant growth was characterised by acknowledgements that awarded the company’s commitment and the choice to make quality products.

The Evolution of Our Brand


The Caseificio converts milk coming from selected local farms that have been supplying for years a homogeneous and high-quality product, which contributes to granting the different types of cheeses a unique and unmistakeable taste and fragrance.The cheeses are made by expert cheese-makers in a series of small boilers that can hold up to a maximum of 400 litres of milk each. Different cheeses are made in rotation mode in these small boilers, based on the needs and requests of the market.Thanks to all of this, care and attention towards the final product is guaranteed.The processing of the milk, the pouring of the curd inside the moulds, the turning over of the rounds and the marking, salting, cleaning and ageing are all carried out by expert hands, just like the hands that wrap and pack the various types of cheeses, carrying out the last umpteenth check on the product.There is a wide range of Taddei cheeses available on the market, all guaranteed 100% made in Italy.